Thursday, July 12, 2007

23 Things

I'm Finished! I learned a lot with this program and also had some fun. I really liked all the tutorials and helpful websites that were provided. Learning something new is a lot less stressful when detailed structions and assistance are provided. I would certainly do something like this again.

Audio Books

I've had a netlibrary account for awhile and have browsed the catalog but never downloaded anything because I don't own an MP3 player compatible with it. Project Gutenberg is a great service, particularly because it's free.


I personally don't find podcasts that interesting although I do think they would be a great library tool. Imagine having storytimes and booktalks available to patrons 24/7. We could also podcast seaching instructions and "commercials" for programs and services. I added the Dog Whisperer podcast to my bloglines account.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Puppy vs. Cat

This is one of my favorite videos on youtube. I'm a big sucker for cute animal videos.


This exercise was a lot of fun and I found a lot of great new sites. I was really impressed with the event site, Upcoming. One can search any kind of event in one's city by date or type. People can also submit new events. Libraries can advertise programs on this site and reach people who might never visit the library site or building. Library's can also feature this site on the library website to altert patrons to fun events in the area.

Google Docs

This was my very first experience with online productivity applications and so was entirely new to me. I think that this will completely alter the way people view and use software productivity applications. For one thing, people wouldn't have to worry about saving to a CD or flash drive when using different computers to work on a document.
Hello! This is my trial on googledocs.